Facilities Management

KES Facilities and Maintenance LTD is a maintenance company that offers a variety of services in terms of maintenance services in the South East.
From Pre-Planned maintenance, driven by industry guidelines to reactive maintenance and remedial works to get all plant working optimally, whether that be a large commercial boiler, right down to a leaking radiator, we can help.

Interim Maintenance Packages

With a wealth of experience in getting involved in large M&E projects, that now more commonly come with phased handovers, we can work closely with the M&E company to ensure that in the completed and ‘handed over’ sections of the project, the required maintenance is carried out, for many beneficial reasons;

  • Maintain manufacturer warranties on plant
  • Ensure the finished services are maintained to the handed over portion of the project, whether that be to residents now living in their newly acquired homes, or professionals working in their new work environment, having continuous services is essential
  • Control of completed plantrooms, including permit system to aid with maintaining required building services
  • Call out facility 24/7/365, in the event there are issues with the building and its services during the ongoing project, our team are ready to always attend

All of our services are driven by and delivered via our CAFM (Computer aided Facilities Management) software, which gives both KES and our clients full visibility of the assets throughout the project.

KES Facilities Management Reporting

We can view current works, upcoming works and all previous actions carried out on every single asset. As well as having the added functionality of raising a work request for our helpdesk to deal with on your behalf. Transparency with our clients is at the forefront of everything we do, creating an environment, where keeping all plant and assets within the building running optimally a combined effort.